Travelogue: 14 Hours at Home

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I consider the Bay Area my home, but “home” means something different for me than for most people. Since I travel almost constantly, “home” is more of a “home base” than an actual location. Yes, I have a house, but I rent it out most of the time. Most of my belongings are spread out between the houses of friends I often visit in the Bay or L.A. And everything I really need, I carry with me, in a Timbukt2 duffle bag and a Mission Workshop Transit Bag, all the way around the world.

So the Bay Area is home because it’s where my family lives, where some of my closest friends – new and old – are, where I have a deep sense of community. It’s an epicenter for the makers, technologists, and social entrepreneurs I find inspiring. For the natural landscapes that help ground and rejuvenate me.

It’s the place where I re-charge, re-group, and plan for my next adventure.

And I’m lucky it’s so efficient at doing those things, because often I don’t have much time at home.

For example, last  month, I spent just 14 hours at my home.

I’d been on the road for over a month. That trip included time in Singapore, where I spoke at EmTech, an MIT Technology Review event.

Then I visited the J 57 Mini Sky City project in Changsha, China, a 57-story building built in 19 days, and where I’m helping set up a VR program. (Check out the time-lapse video of the building below.)

Next, on to L.A. to film episodes for Season 9 of Outrageous Acts of Science. Back up North, to Tahoe, to celebrate the birthday of my friend (I call her my little sis), Katharina Volz, who just made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. And then to Humboldt, to film with the drone.

After Humboldt, I finally settled back in the Bay, where I had 14 hours to prepare for my next trip.

On tap?

  • Cabo for a gathering of the millenial changemakers that make up my Burning Man camp, IDEATE
  • SXM festival in St. Martin
  • Possibly Paris, to film a piece in VR on TechShop Paris
  • Possibly back to China, for more footage on Sky City
  • Finally back to the U.S., to film a (top secret) startup I advise

And so my time at home has been about changing up my wardrobe for the trip, collecting my Amazon shipments and re-loading all my gear, paying for my P.O. BOX, and just the tiniest bit of appreciating relaxing at home.

Oh, and sleeping.

Then I’m up first thing in the morning, and off the airport, for just another day at the office.


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