BoomCast: A 3D Printed IOT Device

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After breaking his leg during a memorial for his best friend, Doc North, wasn’t going to let a leg cast slow him down. Working with FATHOM in Oakland they developed a 3D printed cast based off of a 3D scan of his leg. Leveraging the added flexibility in design of 3D printing the good doctor integrated pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyrometers, and other sensors into the cast. The data from the sensors is collected locally by an Intel Edison, which then connects via WiFi to an app on his cell phone. The cell phone then dumps the information to cloud services so that his physician can monitor his activity and swelling.

Taking it a step further Doc North and FATHOM added LEDs and a Soundsystem. Seeing his cast, people often would remark: “I want one!” To which Doc would respond: “You want a broken leg?!”

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