Water Slide Simulator

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Probably the most daring of the projects of the Prototype This! Series, Dr. North championed this project somehow convincing Discovery Channel to let them take on this ambitious project. While in TV time they built it in 2 weeks, in reality it took them 5 weeks to build, which is still blazingly fast.

The entire simulator weighed 30,000 pounds and stood 3 stories high. It was a one of a kind prototype that allowed users to design their own water slide in the computer, then a physics simulation was run on the computer to determine the exact particle path that the rider would take, and then that information was input into the control system for the water slide simulator.

Doc North tests the water slide at Prototype This! headquarters on Treasure Island, CA.

Doc North stands atop the rotating fiberglass sections of the Water Slide Simulator.

For more information the entire episode is available online on Youtube, Amazon, and Netflix.

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