Review: Ultimate Travel Mug

In Equipment by Doc North

The Camelbak Forge is my go to travel mug, thermos, H2O bottle–basically everything. Here’s what I like:

  • It’s super insulated, so it keeps whatever is inside hot or cold for a long time.
  • It seals, tight. I can put carbonated water in it and the seal holds the pressure.
  • It’s an adult sippy cup! To drink I pull the trigger and take a sip, when I let go, it’s sealed again. There is a way to lock it open if you prefer.
  • The lid comes all the way off making it easy to clean, fill, drink out of, eat out of–basically making it way more versatile than a water bottle.
  • There is a rock solid place to put a carabiner or attach a piece of rope making it easy to attach to you or a bag.

I’ve had mine for a couple years and put it through the test traveling all over the entire world. It slips right into the outside pocket of my Transit bag and has been completely bulletproof. And frankly, as a conscientious traveler, you need to travel with a water bottle. All airports have a place to fill up, so that the first thing you do on a trip is not buy a plastic bottle of water.

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