Review: Magic Back Massage Balls

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My magic blue balls have been an absolute game changer in my life. I use to have all kinds of back pain from travel. Now with these highly portable massage balls I’ve been able to take care of my back on the road, and at home, and my posture has gotten much better.

Before I found these magic blue balls by 5Billion, I used to just tape two tennis balls together, but now I have these injection-molded rubber balls that I swear by.

Along with my other back issues, I’ve got really deep tension in back. Every time I get a massage, the therapist says, “Wow, this is intense,” and then tells me I should be getting body work twice a week. Which, of course, I can’t do while on the road.

Instead, every day I lay the blue balls on the ground and then lie on top of them, with my spine over the gap between the balls. (You never want to put pressure on your actual spine.) Then I roll up and down over the balls, which massages the muscles on either side of my spine and seems to loosen up all the calcification and tightened fascia that seem to lead to me being hunched over.

From doing this, I’ve noticed my back has gotten so much better. In particular, it used to be that when I was hung over, I’d get really bad back pain that was hard to get rid of. Now, even just five minutes with these balls and I’m so much happier. I’ve also noticed my posture is better.

And there’s a side-benefit I’m now noticing: because of the way I use these balls, I’m also strengthening my core. Rather than just lie down on the balls passively, I bend my knees so my feet are on the ground, and lift my pelvis and my head/shoulders off the ground so there’s as much pressure as possible on my back muscles. Then I roll myself over the balls, from my neck all the way down to my sacral area. It actually takes a good amount of effort from the core, stabilizing muscles (abs, back, hips, glutes) to do this, but I hardly notice because I’m focusing so much on my back. I didn’t realize how strong I’d gotten until I let my little sister – who is ripped – try it, and she could hardly even start.

You can also use these on your butt and legs and anything else that feels tight or sore. It’s kind of everything you want from a roller, but more. Like amazing shiatsu massage. But portable. Boom!

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