Review: Wear Everywhere Pants

In Equipment by Doc North

My Mission Workshop Signal pants are my new favorite article of clothing. I recently went on a month long trip around the world. The first weekend I spent in NYC with a friend who is a director at Fendi (high fashion brand) and another friend that’s a working model. Needless to say they’re into fashion, and here I am going around the world with only a carry-on bag and ONE PAIR OF PANTS. The trip spanned climates ranging from the dance floors of NYC to the cold rain of Zurich to the tropical heat of Sri Lanka–and of course all the airplane time in between.

The first day I hung out with the NYC fashionistas they both took a moment to note my pants and how good they looked. Getting a handful of the fabric they understood how with the stretch I was ready to either drop some moves on the dance floor or climb a mountain, and look damn good doing it!

These pants are amazing. They’re extremely breathable, which means I can be super active and the moisture from my sweat can escape. At the same time they dry super quick. One upshot of this is I really never have to wash them! Something gets on my pants and I just wash it off, while wearing the pants.  That spot is dry minutes later. Oh and they even have a semi-secret pocket, that accidentally got me through a couple airport security pat downs with some zinc lozenges–a must for not getting sick while traveling.

Here’s a shot of me rocking out with the gals in NYC.

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