Review: Mission Workshop Transit Bag

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The Mission Workshop Transit Laptop Bag is my go-to modern-day briefcase.

And the Transit Duffel Bag is my travel around the world indefinitely bag. It’s just a bit bigger, has back pack straps and has an externally accessible laptop sleeve. I’m going to have to write an entire article on what I pack into this baby so that I can transcend any climate and situation with this bag. But for now, I love this bag because I can carry everything I need to travel the world, AND can walk into a business meeting and not look like a European backpacker.

In it, I carry my complete office and video production kit, along with everything in my Gear Guide.  I love that it’s good for all weather conditions and fits under the seat in front of me in an airplane. And they’ve really nailed it with the adjustable shoulder strap. It’s super easy to cinch up or release down.

It’s got just the right number of compartments inside, and I love having the easy-access pockets on the outside. I always travel with a water bottle, to keep myself hydrated when traveling and working, and I can easily fit an insulated bottle in either front or rear pockets for super easy access.

I also just love the way it looks. It doesn’t look like a fancy bag, but I’m the kind of bag-o-phile that appreciates a quality bag that looks like a quality bag. And this one – designed in San Francisco, made in the USA – is both.

Most of all, the transit bag is extra special to me because it came from my brother. After my previous gear and travel bag was stolen in Santiago, Chile, with all my equipment and passport in it, my brother gifted me this one as (an excellent) replacement. It’s a little more low key, so less likely to be stolen. And the quality is such that’ll last forever.  Thanks, bro!

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