Review: Smartwool Boxer Briefs

In by Doc North

Finally, after a long search, The Smartwool PhD Boxer Briefs can keep up with my lifestyle. As a part of my ultralight weight, go anywhere in the world at anytime, travel I only bring 2 pairs of boxers. One pair I’m wearing and one that I’m washing. And to be honest, I ‘ll wear the same pair of boxers for a few days. I didn’t used to be able to do this, but with wool boxers that are antimicrobial, it’s become a reality. Now wool doesn’t sound like it’d be comfortable rubbin’ up on my junk, but this is a new bread of wool, merino wool. Here’s what I love about them:

  • Super comfortable. These boxer briefs are soft and stretchy and fit better than any other pair of briefs I’ve had. They’ve nailed the right textile blend making them have stretch, wicking, breathability and not smelly! In addition to the materials, the boxers have different weave patterns at different places on the boxers making them less or more stretchy.
  • No Branding. I hate being a billboard for brands, especially when I paid for them. It’s beyond me why I would want to wear another man’s name around my waste!
  • Look Great. And I don’t just mean for sexy time. In a pinch these look good enough that they can be worn as a bathing suit or in a yoga class, especially since I don’t bother traveling with yoga pants.
  • Durable. I’ve had mine since March and worn them probably a bout two-thirds of that time and they’re holding up fine, no holes and still have the elasticity of the day I got them. So while they are a little spendy, if I look at the cost per wear I’m already below 30 cents per wear, and enjoyed every cent of it.


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