Review: Westcomb Blaze Shirt

In by Doc North

Westcomb Blaze Shirt

“This is all I need to travel the world indefinitely.”

When I say that gesturing to my Mission Workshop Transit Duffel Bag, I’m really thinking of my secret weapon readily available in the “water bottle” pocket. The Westcomb Blaze Shirt is incredibly warm and packs down to a small bundle that will fit in the over-sized water bottle pocket on the Transit Duffel Bag.

The secret is really the 900 fill-power goose down. Westcomb gets the very best down available and creates the absolute highest quality products. Their technical outerwear is the best in the industry, but frankly for everything I’m doing, it’s way overkill.

For me, the combo of the Talisman Jacket over the Blaze is perfect. The Talisman provides protection against wind and rain, while looking really good. The Blaze provides the insulation needed to keep me warm. And since the blaze has the warmest down available in it, I’m getting the most warmth for the thickness. Translation, I don’t look like I’m overdressed wearing some puffy jacket.

What’s more, I’ve found my blaze to be my got to in the cabin shirt. As much as I love my knit wool sweaters, they’re just too bulky for lightweight go anywhere travel. And when I throw my Blaze on, man do I feel cozy!

SPECIAL DEAL: Here’s a code for 10% off all Westcomb Gear: “experimentalgentleman”  Also, I don’t profit off this, I just love the company/product that much!

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