Review: Surface Pro 4

In Equipment by Doc North

I did it.

I made the switch from a Mac to a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

I know, I know, I’m as shocked as you are! But with a Core i7e processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1 TB SSD drive, this is a potent little tablet. And yes, I said tablet.

It’s super lightweight, and I love being able to draw and design on the fly. It’s kind of like an Mac 12″ and an iPad Pro in one. So when I’m on the road I can dump footage using the built-in microSD card reader, and even do some video editing. (Yes, I run Adobe Premier on this just fine.) What’s more, I’ll even use it to stitch together the footage from my Gear 360. Sure, it may sometimes take overnight, but even I need to sleep sometime. And that’s actually why I had to get it. The Samsung Action Director software for stitching my Gear 360 footage is not available for Mac.

Like any PC, it does get its glitches. But the ol’ restart trick seems to work just fine, and I hear it’s good to restart your machines every couple of weeks anyway.

Health Hack: Years of working hunched over laptop has a killed my neck. If I work for extended periods of time in laptop posture, I’ll get neck pain and headaches. My older brother is actually having severe problems from doing exactly that. But because this is a tablet, I can separate the keyboard and elevate the screen into an ergonomic working posture. It feels great to work this way, and my neck loves me for it! Also, I have to admit, I like that I’m able to use any keyboard with it – I just like the way the Apple keyboard feels.



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