Before there were scientists, there were Experimental Gentleman.

They were curious. Innovative. Adventurous. They were explorers, often setting out on daring expeditions with the latest scientific equipment to map new lands.

These men and women, like Charles Darwin, Alexander Von Humboldt, and Rosemary Wordsworth Trevor, wanted to know and understand the world around them, and share their knowledge with the world.

They undertook bold enterprises, experimented with advanced technology, and they always told their stories.

And so do we.

We are the modern Experimental Gentlemen.

Experimental, because we are open to all situations, and see the obstacles and the unknown as an opportunity to gain knowledge through the collection and evaluation of data.

Gentlemen (a term we are using as gender neutral), because we approach every situation with rationality, culture and social literacy, and – let’s face it – a little bit of style.

But we seek to continue the heart of the tradition of the Experimental Gentlemen: to embark on adventures, using the latest technology as a way to understand, and improve, the world, and to live to tell about it.





Our tools are drones, 360 cameras, and video, not protractors, sextants, and telescopes.

We travel in planes, maglev trains, and, like our predecessors, on foot and on the backs of camels.