Gear: Under Armour Fat Tire Leather Hiking Boots

In by Doc North

Sneakers, hiking boots, slippers, club shoes…  I use my The Under Armour Fat Tires for all of the above, and I love them.

The biggest challenge for traveling light for extended periods of time, across multiple continents and terrain, in a variety of weather conditions and social environments, is, hands down, shoes. They’re heavy, they take up lots of space, and it’s nearly impossible to find a pair of shoes that work as well for hiking as they do for hitting a club in Shanghai or Paris. For me, it’s not an option to come home to get a different pair of shoes, or to bring several pairs in my luggage for “just in case” scenarios that always seem to materialize.

So for years, I’ve been on the hunt for the one pair of shoes that works in every scenario. And I finally found them!

The Under Armour Fat Tires are the jam. They’re rugged enough for any outdoor adventure (literally made with Michelin Tire soles), and they’re fresh enough as sneaks to turn heads at the club. And what’s more, they’re not actually sneakers, so you can get into clubs with dress codes by pointing out that these are leather topped boots. Boo-ya, you’re in!

Plus, a game changer: The Boa® Closure System is amazing. Instead of laces, there is a knob that you turn to tighten the shoes. I generally like my shoes to be a little loose on my feet for comfort, but when I need to climb a mountain, I can quickly dial in just the right tightness. What’s more, I can wear these completely loose and not trip over my laces. Which is when they basically become slippers – perfect in hot climates, where, with every step, air is flushed from the boot, cooling my feet, or, if I sit down, I can easily just slip them off.

It’s funny how I came across them. I was just looking for a pair of super comfortable shoes. I spend a lot of time on my feet – those concrete floors at conferences and in shops are killers. So I was shopping for a pair of running shoes and came across the low top version of these, with the same Michelin soles. They were the most comfortable pair of shoes I’d ever worn. And then the shoe salesman then told me about the high-top model. Once home, I went online and found the Black Gortex® version and immediately ordered them. Those immediately became my go-to shoes, and I didn’t think they could be any better.

But then I was at the Outdoor Retail Show, shooting a piece on Polartec, and saw the leather version at the Under Armour booth. I was in love! I’ve finally found the shoe that can do everything.


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